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Welcome,! To prevent counterfeiting, please look for the domain name: Our mission: to promote social integrity, reduce transaction costs, enhance human well-being, and promote human integrity and progress. This online media is an online media sponsored by four units including the World Credit Organization (WCO), the International Moral Court [IMC], the World Integrity Organization (WIO), and the International Credit Dispute Arbitration Commission [ICDAC]. The name of this media is the International Credit Supervision Network, which can also be called the International Credit Standard Network, the International Credit Supervision Network, and the International Credit Standard Network. The ICE8000 standard is a standard to test whether a unit or an individual is truly honest.。
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How to become a member of the World Credit Organization (WCO) and download the membership manual

1. Important tips and warnings

Important reminder: Tancheng said that we are only a purely non-government organization without any government background, and, in order to maintain our independence and neutrality, we will not seek to obtain any Government background. If you (your organization) join us to get a government background, please do not join us.

Important warning: We have a fair, just, and open punishment mechanism for dishonesty. If you (your organization) have no honesty and moral bottom line, please do not join us.

2. Benefits of becoming a World Credit Organization (WCO) ICE8000 Integrity Unit Member or ICE8000 Integrity Individual Member

(1) We will help your organization (you) use the ICE8000 credit standard to prevent and control various risks.

(2) We will help your organization (you) use the ICE8000 credit standard to safeguard legitimate rights and interests.

(3) We will help your organization sell goods and services.

(4) Joining us, your organization (you) is equivalent to joining an honest business circle.

(5) Joining us can prove to a certain extent that your organization (you) is an organization (individual) with integrity and moral bottom line.

Third, the benefits of becoming a member of the World Credit Organization (WCO) ICE8000 credit institution or ICE8000 credit division

Your organization (you) will have the opportunity to create (participate in) a great justice enterprise, small success: your organization (you) can promote justice, family prosperity, and gain the respect of customers; medium success: your organization (you) It can promote justice, make one rich, benefit future generations, and inherit the father's business; great success: your unit (you) can help justice, become powerful, and leave a long history.

Fourth, the benefits of becoming an honest country or region of the World Credit Organization (WCO) ICE8000

Join us, your country or region can use the ICE8000 credit standard to improve the level of good governance and win the trust of the society. No country or region has joined us yet.

V. Membership type, membership conditions, charging standards

  1. Integrity individual membership, membership requirements: pass ICE8000 personal integrity certification, see "ICE8000 Personal Integrity Certification and Supervision Standards" ". Charge standard: membership fee \ promotion fee \ each 100 US dollars / year, a total of 200 US dollars / year; certification fee 200 US dollars / time.
  2. Membership of Integrity Units, conditions: pass ICE8000 Unit Integrity Certification, see "ICE8000 Integrity Certification and Supervision Standards for Units" . Charges: annual membership fee of $3,000\promotion fee of $6,000; honorary title certification fee of $10,000; integrity management system certification fee of $100,000 (Note: this certification is illegal in mainland China and does not accept applications from companies in mainland China the certification).
  3. Credit division member, condition: pass ICE8000 credit division certification, see "ICE8000 International Credit Division Certification and Supervision" Related Standards. Charging standard: annual membership fee\promotion fee is US$100 each, a total of US$200/year; examination fee: International Credit Administrator [ICA] US$1,000; International Credit Manager [ICM] US$2,000; International Registered Credit Accountant [ICCA] US$4,000 Dollar.
  4. Members of credit institutions (ICE8000 credit institutions), membership requirements: pass the certification of ICE8000 credit institutions, see "ICE8000" for details Credit Institution Self-Regulation and Supervision Standards. Charges: entry application fee of US$50,000 (non-refundable but can be used as entry certification fee), entry certification fee: US$1.2 million, compliance deposit of US$300,000. After getting started, the annual membership fee is 20,000 US dollars\the promotion fee is 40,000 US dollars, and the membership fee and promotion fee are waived for the first year.
  5. Investor members, conditions: temporarily closed, only open to specific people.
  6. Donor members, conditions: temporarily closed, only open to specific people.
  7. Regional members, conditions: pass ICE8000 regional integrity certification, see 《ICE8000 Regional Integrity Certification and Supervision Standards》< /a>. Charging standard: membership fee\promotion fee\consulting fee is 1 million US dollars/year each, totaling 3 million US dollars/year; certification fee is 1 million US dollars/time.

6. How to apply for membership?

6.1 If you have a sponsor, members of the World Credit Organization are eligible to act as your sponsor, and the sponsor will guide and help you apply for membership;

6.2 If you do not have a sponsor, please contact our certification affairs staff directly, contact information:

Contact: Mr. Li, please send a resume when contacting

Please click Online Contact

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Contact number
1. Member obligations, members have the obligation to abide by the ICE8000 international credit standard system.
2. Member rights. If a member finds that a certain system or clause violates his legitimate rights and interests, he has the right not to abide by the system or clause after publishing a written reason and statement of non-compliance on the official website of the World Credit Organization (
*I (unit) apply to become a member of the World Credit Organization, and I (unit) promise to abide by the ICE8000 international credit standard system. Non-compliance with the system or terms after the organization’s official website ( publishes a written reason and statement for non-compliance.

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Seven, note

After completing the above registration, please keep your contact information valid, your sponsor or certifier will contact you for certification matters.

VIII. Member Manual Download

Download the World Credit Organization Member Handbook, right click and save as