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Welcome,ice8000.org! To prevent counterfeiting, please look for the domain name: www.ice8000.org. Our mission: to promote social integrity, reduce transaction costs, enhance human well-being, and promote human integrity and progress. This online media is an online media sponsored by four units including the World Credit Organization (WCO), the International Moral Court [IMC], the World Integrity Organization (WIO), and the International Credit Dispute Arbitration Commission [ICDAC]. The name of this media is the International Credit Supervision Network, which can also be called the International Credit Standard Network, the International Credit Supervision Network, and the International Credit Standard Network. The ICE8000 standard is a standard to test whether a unit or an individual is truly honest.。
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Introduction to ICE8000 International Integrity Standard System (Introduction to ICE8000)

First, the introduction of ICE8000 system


ICE8000 is the abbreviation of the international integrity standard system. ICE is the abbreviation of English INTERNATIONAL CREDIBLE ENTERPRISES. The Chinese meaning is the international standard of honesty and trustworthy organizations with pioneering and enterprising spirit.

ICE8000 International Credit Standard System, also known as ICE8000 International Integrity Standard System.

The ICE8000 international integrity standard system is a universal integrity standard established by the World Credit Organization (WCO). It is also a universal human behavior standard set by the Chinese and is now widely recognized by many countries and regions. The ICE8000 international integrity standard system is very rich in content and covers a wide range of areas related to integrity in the world, including: integrity culture, integrity evaluation, integrity supervision, integrity information dissemination, integrity professional qualification certification, integrity management, Series of standards such as dispute resolution. The ICE8000 international integrity standard system takes honesty as the basic requirement and pursues and guarantees integrity with a just procedure.

The ICE8000 system can be regarded as a systematic method for analyzing and solving problems. It solves problems including but not limited to: it is difficult to defend rights after being deceived or subjected to illegal infringement; fearing that you are deceived or illegally violated; However, others do not believe in themselves; although the boss is truly honest, but the management system is not perfect, can not guarantee the integrity of the company and the successor; although the quality of their products is higher than their peers, but lacks a credible recommendation method; after the dispute, especially There is no fair and quick solution mechanism for those who have background.

Second, the ICE8000 international integrity standard system is divided into the following several interdependent sub-systems:

1. The international integrity and punishment system mainly includes: untrustworthy behavior, untrustworthy related behavior, evil behavior, violation of moral bottom line behavior, violation of social responsibility bottom line identification criteria; identification of integrity responsibility attribution; internal complaints, public complaints, integrity Credit penalty standards such as early warning, internal exposure, public exposure, and joint exposure (integrity warrant).

2. The international integrity reward system mainly includes: the integrity behavior, the integrity-related behavior, the support behavior, the moral high behavior, the positive evaluation of the social responsibility bottom line; the identification criteria of integrity reward attribution; the standard of praise information and honor list information The standard of evaluation of the honorary honorary title.

3. The international integrity management system mainly includes: the system standards of integrity management; the construction of integrity culture; the corporate governance standards of various organizations such as enterprises; and the due diligence standards of employees, shareholders, and executives.

4. The international integrity supervision system mainly includes: integrity file management standards; integrity integrity standards; integrity ranking standards; certification and supervision standards for integrity units, honest individuals and honest regions; and integrity rating standards.

5. The international integrity protection system mainly includes: the registration of integrityor's rights, equity, intellectual property rights, intangible assets, filing and protection standards.

6. The international integrity guarantee system mainly includes: certification and supervision standards for integrity practitioners; certification and supervision standards for professional integrity institutions; certification and supervision standards for integrity management degrees and degree-granting units; internal governance of the World Credit Organization (WCO) Standards; dispute mediation, arbitration, trial standards; meeting standards; election standards.

Third, the ICE8000 international integrity standard system has international universality and legitimacy

The ICE8000 international integrity standard system has international universality and legitimacy and can be universally applied in all market economy countries. The reasons for its international appropriation and legitimacy are:

1. The main legal basis for the formulation, application and enforcement of the ICE8000 system is the principle of good faith, free agreement, public order, and freedom of speech. These four legal principles are the basic legal principles followed by the market economy, so the ICE8000 system It can be universally applied in all market economy countries and will not fundamentally conflict with the laws of the country where it is located.

2. The ICE8000 system is designed in accordance with the universal universal value principle and international common practice, and actively promotes the universal universal value principles such as integrity, such as: freedom, openness, fairness, justice, supervision as the design and operation principle, and everywhere Embody and maintain the values ​​of freedom.

Fourth, ICE8000 international integrity standard system is a social integrity system

The ICE8000 system is very rich in content, including not only the quality standards of various integrity services, but also all aspects of the social integrity system. As long as a country or region runs the ICE8000 system, it can quickly establish a sound social integrity system.

V. Historical background and original intention of the ICE8000 international integrity standard system

Since the late 20th century, the world has undergone major changes:

1. The company is super-scaled, the ownership of the enterprise and the business operator begin to separate, and the incident of the operator deceiving the investor occurs sometimes, and the integrity of the big company is questioned;

2. Economic globalization, international exchanges and trade are increasing, and the import and export business of SMEs is increasing. However, because SMEs do not have sufficient transaction information and rights protection capabilities, there have been a large number of international trade frauds against SMEs. Increased trading risk;

3. The rise of the Internet has provided opportunities for various industries, but it is also often plagued by various types of untrustworthy issues.

In this historical context, the World Credit Organization (WCO), which aims to promote social integrity, reduce transaction costs, and enhance human well-being, began research: how to ensure that organizations do not act untrustworthy; how to establish a recognition mechanism for untrustworthy behavior; how to establish A more severe mechanism of dishonesty and punishment; how to quickly establish an effective social integrity system in developing countries; how to establish an international social integrity system so that the mechanism of dishonesty and punishment is not restricted by the political and economic conditions of a country. This is the original intention of the ICE8000 international integrity standard system.

Tips: Introduction to Standard Knowledge

Internationally, the state departments do not review or issue the standards set by social organizations except for the mandatory standards they have established according to law (such standards are gradually decreasing), but they are directly tested by the society and the market. Social organizations that set standards are often composed of professional, professional, and professional organizations or professional organizations that are enthusiastic about public welfare. At present, more than 270 standards popular in the world are almost all formulated by civil society organizations. These standards are directly tested by society and the market. Their authority stems from the scientific and advanced nature of the standards themselves, not the government or other countries. The approval or coercive force of the department.

Moreover, these standards-setting social organizations are not responsible for the promotion of standards, but are promoted by other market entities. The standard setters only focus on the improvement of standards themselves and the correct implementation of supervision standards and the maintenance of fair competition among promoters. For example, the ISO9000 international quality management system standard is formulated by the International Organization for Standardization, and then the quality management consulting companies of various countries are authorized to promote the standards.

The ICE8000 international integrity standard system standard is formulated by the World Credit Organization (WCO) and then promoted by various authorized institutions such as integrity companies or consulting companies.