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How to contact the World Credit Organization (WCO)

1. The World Credit Organization (WCO) does not answer telephone calls, faxes, letters, express mail, emails and other contact information, let alone visitors. beg to be excused. The World Credit Organization (WCO) only accepts contacts made by letter in good faith. After submitting your integrity letter, you will get a letter number and query password, and you can check the processing progress and reply results at the bottom of this page.

Second, if you are looking for ICE8000 credit services, please contact our member credit institutions directly (ie: ICE8000 credit institutions), in order to prevent the World Credit Organization (WCO) from commercial competition with member credit institutions, the World Credit Organization [ The WCO] statute prohibits the World Credit Organization (WCO) from engaging in commercial services.

Third, if you are a member of the World Credit Organization (WCO), it is recommended to send an integrity letter in the background, or contact the relevant member service personnel directly.

4. If you want to delete ICE8000 credit information, if the credit information itself is wrong, you can ask the person who submitted the information to delete the information. If the other party does not delete it, you can complain to us and pursue the deletion together. But do not delete the responsibility for breach of trust. If the credit information itself is correct, please correct your behavior to obtain the understanding of the relevant party, and then the information submitter will naturally delete the information. If you want to coerce and lure the World Credit Organization (WCO) to delete information, the internal management system of the World Credit Organization (WCO) guarantees that this is impossible. The World Credit Organization (WCO) maintains the freedom of speech of relevant parties in accordance with the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The World Credit Organization (WCO) will not delete credit information, let alone delete credit information for a fee. Please contact the submitter of the credit information, only they have the right to decide whether to delete the credit information you are concerned about. For more information, please view: Legal Notice

5. Due to our limited manpower, we only promise to deal with the letters of the following two types of affairs, and we do not promise to deal with and reply to other letters:

5.1 Complaints against members of the World Credit Organization (WCO);

5.2 Apply to become a member of the World Credit Organization (WCO).

Submit letter of integrity now:

  1. As the letter sender (the legal representative of the letter sending unit or/and its authorized handler), I solemnly make the following oath with my conscience, personality, belief, health, and life:

    1.2. Promise to abide by the principle of good faith, the bottom line of morality, and the bottom line of social responsibility to send letters or add notes to letters, otherwise bear corresponding legal and credit responsibilities;
    1.3. Ensure that you are not ignorant of your conscience, do not distort the facts, do not fabricate the facts, and do not use insulting words;
    1.4. Guarantee that your credit identity is authentic and not illegally use other people's credit identity.
    Whether to declare the Oath of Conscience:
  2. Recipient: World Credit Organization/E-XY99999999 
  3. Letter title: *
  4. Complaint content:
  5. Verification number:
    Refresh verification code Verification code:311033


Integrity letter processing process and result query

Note: When you submit the integrity letter online, the system will automatically reply [Integrity letter number and password], you can check the letter processing process and results here. The system will automatically reply with [acceptance number and password], and you can check the progress and results of complaint handling by the following methods.

The first step is to enter the 【Authenticity Verification】column

The second step, on the page, enter the above acceptance number and password, please note that the number starts with the letter "M" in front of it.