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Welcome,! To prevent counterfeiting, please look for the domain name: Our mission: to promote social integrity, reduce transaction costs, enhance human well-being, and promote human integrity and progress. This online media is an online media sponsored by four units including the World Credit Organization (WCO), the International Moral Court [IMC], the World Integrity Organization (WIO), and the International Credit Dispute Arbitration Commission [ICDAC]. The name of this media is the International Credit Supervision Network, which can also be called the International Credit Standard Network, the International Credit Supervision Network, and the International Credit Standard Network. The ICE8000 standard is a standard to test whether a unit or an individual is truly honest.。
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ICE8000 practice certificate, rating certificate and other certificates, filing information, due diligence records, authenticity verification of membership

1. Please enter the verification number and password

Verification number
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Refresh verification code R   verification code:809294

Instructions for verification number:

The correct verification number is: the first character is one of the letters (D/A/H/K/P/E/M/W/F). If the first character of your verification number is not a letter, it means 2017 The file number before the upgrade in November, please add letters by yourself according to the following categories:

1.1 Credit evaluation information, practice document verification number: D plus numbers, such as: D3362287;

1.2 Case verification number: A plus numbers, such as: A1096;

1.3 Contract verification number: H plus numbers, such as: H1066;

1.4 The credit rating certificate verification number is K plus numbers, such as: K1021;

1.5 Integrity letter verification number is: M plus numbers, such as: M5596;

1.6 The verification number of personal membership card and credit accountant's practice certificate is its credit code: P- plus letters and numbers, such as: P-BJ00000092635;

1.7 The verification number of unit membership card, credit institution certification certificate or integrity unit certification certificate is its credit code: E- plus letters and numbers, such as: E-XY99999999;

1.8 The invoice number is: F plus a number, such as: F62.

Two, important tips

2.1 In order to facilitate accountability and supervision, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers and related parties, the World Credit Organization (WCO) requires all practice documents, information, credit rating certificates, etc. issued by all ICE8000 credit institutions to be filed before issuance. After filing information, practice documents, credit rating certificates, etc. to the World Credit Organization (WCO), the World Credit Organization (WCO) will provide a record number and verification password. The record number and inquiry password are under the signature of ICE8000 practice documents or relevant certificates. Information or practice documents without record numbers and query passwords can be directly judged to be forged. Unless there's something wrong with your query or our verification process, which is extremely rare.

2.2 Various certificates issued by the World Credit Organization (WCO), the International Credit Evaluation and Supervision Association [ICASA], and the International Credible Enterprises Association [ICEA], except for some certificates issued before 2008, have verification numbers and verification The password can be verified on this page. For certificates before 2008, if the authenticity cannot be verified, please contact us to manually verify the authenticity. For certificates after 2008, if there is no verification method on the certificate or cannot be verified according to the verification method, it can be directly judged to be forged.

2.3Since January 16, 2012, the International Credit Assessment and Supervisory Association [ICASA] and the International Credible Enterprises Association [ICEA], while continuing to maintain their legal existence, do not carry out any new activities. Therefore, if it is found that after January 16, 2012, the certificates or documents issued by the International Credit Appraisal and Supervision Association [ICASA] or the International Credible Enterprises Association [ICEA] can be directly judged as forged.

2.4 With the enhancement of our credibility and influence, illegal activities have appeared in our name. All parties please look for our official website URL: Verify that the URL is not the URL, and it can also be directly judged as forged. All documents and certificates issued by us and ICE8000 credit institutions can be checked here.

2.5 For all kinds of problems you encounter during the verification process, you are welcome : Contact We.