Complaints against World Credit Organization members processing progress and result query

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Complaint handling process and result query methods and related issues

2.1. How to inquire about the progress and results of complaint handling?

When you submit the complaint information online, the system will automatically reply with [Acceptance Number and Password], and you can check the complaint handling process and results by the following methods.

The first step is to enter the 【Authenticity Verification】column

The second step, on the page, enter the above acceptance number and password, please note that the number starts with the letter "M" in front of it.

2.2. For my complaint, will you definitely file a case for investigation?

(1) If the respondent is a member of our company, we guarantee that the case will be filed to ensure the effectiveness of our industry self-regulation procedures and the integrity of our members.

(2) If the respondent is not our member, we do not guarantee to file a case. Whether we file a case or not will consider many factors, including: whether the content of the complaint involves public interest, whether the complainant actively cooperates, and whether we have the corresponding human and material resources. However, if we do not file a case, we will still faithfully save your complaint information.