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Use ICE8000 integrity letters to complain about members of the World Credit Organization (ICE8000 credit institutions, ICE8000 integrity units, ICE8000 integrity regions, ICE8000 credit divisions, ICE8000 integrity individuals)

Why it is better for you to complain to us:

1. The membership types of the World Credit Organization include: ICE8000 credit institutions, ICE8000 integrity units, ICE8000 integrity regions, ICE8000 credit divisions, and ICE8000 integrity individuals. If your organization (you) believes that members of the World Credit Organization (WCO) have dishonest behavior, please make a complaint here. Complaining here is more effective in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of your organization (you) than going to court or to relevant departments. It's less expensive, more efficient, more equitable, and you might win a Whistleblower Award.

2.we will strictly supervise our members, because we are a non-governmental organization with no official background, the reason why members join us: it is precisely because of our strict supervision of members that we cast the golden word [World Credit Organization Member] Shop sign. If we do not strictly supervise members, people will not trust 【World Credit Organization Members】and us; if we do not strictly supervise members, truly honest units or individuals will no longer be willing to join us. We know very well that only by strict supervision can the gold-lettered signboard of [World Credit Organization Member] be kept intact and we can develop soundly and healthily.

3. File the case within 30 days after receiving the complaint, and respond to the investigation results within 90 days. After the complaint information is submitted, the system will automatically reply [acceptance number and password], please remember it well, you can check the processing process and results in [complaint processing process and result query】 . It is recommended that you leave an email or phone call, we may contact you by email or phone.

Submit complaint information now:

  1. As the letter sender (the legal representative of the letter sending unit or/and its authorized handler), I solemnly make the following oath with my conscience, personality, belief, health, and life:

    1.2. Promise to abide by the principle of good faith, the bottom line of morality, and the bottom line of social responsibility to send letters or add notes to letters, otherwise bear corresponding legal and credit responsibilities;
    1.3. Ensure that you are not ignorant of your conscience, do not distort the facts, do not fabricate the facts, and do not use insulting words;
    1.4. Guarantee that your credit identity is authentic and not illegally use other people's credit identity.
    Whether to declare the Oath of Conscience:
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