ICE8000 Credit Information and Identity Verification Frequently Asked Questions-World Credit Organization

Welcome,! To prevent counterfeiting, please look for the domain name: Our mission: to promote social integrity, reduce transaction costs, enhance human well-being, and promote human integrity and progress. This online media is an online media sponsored by four units including the World Credit Organization (WCO), the International Moral Court [IMC], the World Integrity Organization (WIO), and the International Credit Dispute Arbitration Commission [ICDAC]. The name of this media is the International Credit Supervision Network, which can also be called the International Credit Standard Network, the International Credit Supervision Network, and the International Credit Standard Network. The ICE8000 standard is a standard to test whether a unit or an individual is truly honest.。
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FAQs about ICE8000 authenticity verification

1. I can find it with the credit code, but sometimes I can’t find it with the name. What’s the reason?

Answer: The reasons are as follows:

1. To input Simplified Chinese, it doesn’t matter whether you log in the Traditional Chinese version or the Simplified Chinese version, because our database is accessed in Simplified Chinese.

2. If you copied the name from WORD or a webpage, when you paste it, you may not see garbled characters and it is pasted at the same time, you can directly input the name.

Second, what should I do if I find fake certificates or credit information?

Answer: Please complain to us, we will reward you according to the actual situation, how to complain: Contact us