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About World Integrity Organization [WIO]

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In order to further promote social integrity, reduce transaction costs, and improve human well-being, the World Credit Organization [WCO] established the World Integrity Organization [WIO] in Delaware, USA on July 1, 2020. At present, the relevant registration work has been completed.

World Integrity Organization's common Chinese name: World Integrity Organization, common English name: World Integrity Organization, and may be suffixed according to the law of the place of registration (eg: corp, limited). The name is abbreviated as WIO. Common name: World Integrity Organization [WIO], Chinese may be referred to as: Shicheng Organization.

Although the World Credit Organization [WCO] and the World Integrity Organization [WIO] are two independent legal entities, they are actually the same organization, which is equivalent to two names for one unit.

For more information, please check the profile of the World Credit Organization.

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