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World Credit Organization[WCO] is constitutor of the international credit rules ---- The ICE8000 International Credit-Rules System. World Credit Organization[WCO] is a combination of International Credit Appraisal And Supervision Association[ICASA] and International Credible Enterprises Association [ICEA]. World Credit Organization[WCO] was founded in March 2004.World Credit Organization[WCO] is adherence to and promotion of the principle of universal value of human beings.

In the ending of 80's and the beginning of 90's of the 20 century, the significant variance had taken place in the world.
1. The scale of company turned super more and more, the investor started to separate from the executive, the event that the executive cheated the investor occured frequently, and people started to query credit of great company.
2. With the development of economic-globility, international intercourse and trade increased. With the import-export of the small enterprise increasing, and the small enterprise have not enough bargain information and ability to vindicate their rights and interests, so a great deal of international trade cheats appeared that aiming at small enterprise, and international trade risk enlarged.
3. After the political upheaval in Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, the non-market economy country in the world began to transform to market economy country,. Without the social credit system, it resulted credit scarcity of the society. Each economic unit couldn’t trust mutually, and it resulted economic bargain cost increasing consumedly, finally it obstructed the economic development.
4. With the development of the Internet, the opportunity and challenge presented for each industry, but the electronic commerce also couldn't develop quickly because of credit problem. Under such history background, whereas the information of Internet is unlimited, sponsor of ICASA and ICEA established the ICE8000 International Credit-Rules system which aims at enterprises. governmental department. social group. organization. etc. This standard with strict. Scientific rule and open . equitable. fair operating method is receiving self-identity abroad in different countries and regions around the world, and gradually becomes the accepted international standard of credit-unit.
In order to promote the developing countries of Asia to set up the social credit system that is modern and market-economic, in May 2003, ICASA and ICEA established the headquarter to the center city of Asia - Hong Kong.

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The credit book
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