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Introduction to Formal Recognition

Spread credit information and promote social integrity!

1. What is a formal commendation letter?

Answer: Formal commendation information refers to the credit information collected and disseminated in accordance with the "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Official Commendation Standard". This type of information is the affirmation and commendation of good deeds. It is divided into public formal praise information and internal formal praise information. After the former takes effect, it will be publicly disseminated to the public through the Internet. The latter will not be disseminated publicly, but only for specific audiences to read.

2. How does the World Credit Organization [WCO] ensure the reliability of the formal commendation letter information? How to prevent the harm of malicious release of official commendation information?

Answer: The World Credit Organization [WCO] has made the following design in the "ICE8000 International Credit Supervision and Supervision System Formal Commendation Standard":

1. The official commendation information requires real-name release, and the official commender has the status of an established trust organization of ICE8000.

2. The information of the official letter of commendation must meet the formal requirements, and must be reviewed by the ICE8000 credit institution.

3. Formal praisers should abide by the principle of good faith, moral bottom line and social responsibility bottom line when releasing formal praise information.

4. After the information becomes effective, if the person who is officially commended and the person who is officially praised discovers that the behavior of being officially praised and the basic items of the official commendation information are not true, they are obliged to delete the information or raise an objection.

5. The information reader has the right to add information.

6. If the officially commended person and the officially praised person violate the standards, they will bear severe responsibilities and consequences.

3. What is the role of a formal commendation letter?


1. Formal praise for good behaviors such as honesty and integrity can encourage honest people and promote social righteousness.

2. Those who are formally praised can be rewarded with integrity points.

3. Formal praise information is recorded in the credit file of the formally praised person, which can accumulate the intangible assets of integrity for the formally praised person. Let honest people gain more opportunities and deserve respect because of integrity.

4. To enhance the cooperative relationship between the person who is officially praised and the person who is officially praised.

5. Increase the development opportunities of those who are formally commended. The person who has been officially commended can use the effective official commendation information as a good credit record, display it or authorize relevant interested parties to read it in credit evaluation, external bidding, unit and personal introduction, etc., and can also declare to the outside world: "*Year On *month*, my unit (or myself) was officially commended once in the ICE8000 credit information database, query number: *, query password: *, query URL: *.”

Fourth, I noticed that some customers would be lazy to formally praise the honesty of our company. Can our company stipulate the obligation of formal praise in the contract?

Answer: Yes. In order to accumulate a good credit record and improve integrity points and integrity levels, people can agree that after cooperation, transactions, etc. are successful or after certain conditions are met, one party has an obligation to the other party or both parties have mutual obligations Formal recognition is obligatory.

The following is an example of the agreed sentence of the formal obligation of praise, and the unambiguous sentence with the same semantics as the following sentence is a valid agreement:

(1) If Party A is satisfied with Party B's after-sales service, it shall give internal formal praise (public formal praise) in accordance with the "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Formal Commendation Standard";

(2) If Party B has no violations during the labor contract period, Party A shall give internal formal praise in accordance with the "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Formal Commendation Standard" within 15 days before the contract expires;

(3) During the execution of this contract, if Party A pays in accordance with the payment, Party B shall publicly and formally praise in accordance with the "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Formal Commendation Standard". , then Party A shall make public and official commendations in accordance with the "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Formal Commendation Standards".

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