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How to judge whether you are suitable for starting a credit evaluation company

(Credit evaluation company's success conditions)

1. Self-assessment criteria for judging whether you are suitable for starting a credit evaluation company

This self-test standard is a summary of the experience and lessons accumulated by the World Credit Organization (WCO) for more than 10 years, and has a high reference value. If an entrepreneur wants to start a credit evaluation company and achieve success, all of the following conditions should be met, or although the conditions are currently not met, they are sincerely determined to strive to meet all of the following conditions:

1.1 Humble, willing to learn and accept new things. Judgment criteria: Credit evaluation is something that most people have never heard of. It is directly judged that the industry is illegal or meaningless, which means that you do not meet this condition at present.

1.2 Professionalism and willingness to be a professional. This is a professional job, and you cannot succeed without professional knowledge and ability. You need to have professional spirit and willingness to become a professional before you can acquire professional knowledge and ability through learning. If you do not have the willingness, it means that you are not yet meet this condition.

1.3 Not impetuous. Impetuousness is a taboo for entrepreneurial success, especially at the project selection stage, you should choose carefully and calmly. There is an old saying among businessmen in the past: do not seek wealth from people who are in a hurry, that is, those who are more eager to get rich are more likely to lose money. Credit evaluation companies rely on knowledge to make money. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have knowledge. You can get it through learning. If you are impetuous, you will not succeed. Judgment criteria: This webpage has a total of about 1,200 words, and this column has a total of 8 webpages, with a total of more than 30,000 words. If you are not willing to read this carefully, it means that you still do not meet this requirement.

1.4 Has a certain learning ability. Judgment criteria: Can you understand the 8 pages in this column? If you still don’t understand after reading it many times, it means that your knowledge base and learning ability do not meet this requirement yet.

1.5 Be honest, and believe that honesty, kindness, and knowledge can also make people successful, do not recognize power, recognize reason, like to convince people with reason, reason, and agree with universal human values. Judgment criteria: We have no official background, we are purely non-governmental organizations, and we are non-authoritative and not well-known non-governmental organizations. We only have integrity, kindness and knowledge. If you look down on us because of this, it means that you do not meet this condition yet.

1.6 Have independent thinking ability, like to use your own head to think and judge problems, do not follow the crowd blindly, and do not follow others' opinions. Judgment criteria: There is a business name in the credit evaluation industry called credit commercial debt collection, which is to legally help companies collect accounts by means of credit evaluation. If you hear it, you immediately believe that credit commercial debt collection is illegal debt collection, and even think that It is the underworld, unwilling to understand that credit business debt collection is not only legal, but also: the mainstream organization of debt collection in the world is the credit company, not the law firm and the underworld. Moreover, the collection of credit commercial accounts is also one of the main businesses of the credit evaluation industry. If you are unwilling to change your misunderstanding, it means that you do not meet this condition yet.

1.7 Have certain market development ability and communication ability. Judging criteria: Can you take the initiative to make phone calls with customers? Can you take the initiative to find customers to send promotional materials? Because the customer group of the credit evaluation company is an enterprise, you need to take the initiative to contact it in a normal way. You can’t wait for customers to come to you in the store like opening a restaurant, and you can’t spend every day in the virtual world like some online promotion. If you spend every day in the virtual world and are unwilling to interact with people normally, it means that you do not meet this requirement yet.

1.8 Have real entrepreneurial determination and determination. Objectively speaking, any entrepreneurship in the world is a very risky job, and the success rate of entrepreneurship is very low. It is impossible for an entrepreneur to fish for three days and post on the net for two days. Determination and determination are a necessary condition for the success of entrepreneurs. Only those who have no hesitation and stand still can become the lucky ones to succeed in entrepreneurship. According to the characteristics of this industry, you must be prepared to have no income for 6 months, preferably 12 months. Otherwise, you are not eligible. Judgment criteria: Please be honest and self-assess yourself, and we will also judge according to your words and deeds and other actual conditions.

1.9 Can tolerate criticism, or: can realize that "tolerating criticism" is correct, and sincerely willing to pursue this realm of life. No one is a sage, and no one can make mistakes. Anyone can make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. The key is whether a person has a correction mechanism for mistakes. External criticism is a correction mechanism for a person, which can help A person discovers and corrects errors in a timely manner. A credit officer is a smart worker who uses professional ability to help clients. In the process of practice, he needs to tolerate criticism, so as to avoid making mistakes or repeating the same mistakes to the greatest extent.

1.10 I like to be proactive in doing things. Whether you are an idealist or a realist, whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, entrepreneurs need to have proactive qualities. Our relationship with franchisees is a mentoring relationship, not a leadership relationship. We have no command and control over franchisees. While enjoying free decision-making power, franchisees need to take the initiative to do things themselves and cannot wait for others to command. Judgment criteria: Please test yourself honestly: Do you like to order others, or like to be ordered by others.

2. Important reminder: credit evaluation company is not only a highly professional and knowledgeable intellectual work, but also a social evaluation work that needs to abide by professional ethics. Therefore, it not only requires entrepreneurs to have certain IQ also requires entrepreneurs to have a moral bottom line. Both are indispensable. Not everyone is suitable for starting a credit evaluation company. We will never guide you, let alone induce you to start a credit rating company. Whether it is suitable for you to start a credit rating company and whether you want to start a credit rating company, please evaluate yourself according to the self-assessment standards on this webpage.

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