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Advertising Credit Evaluation and Supervision Introduction

Advertising credit evaluation and supervision service is an innovative credit product of ICE8000 system, and the applicable standard is: "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Advertising Credit Evaluation and Supervision Standard". Advertising credit evaluation and supervision services mainly include: credit professional institutions and credit practitioners evaluate the legality, authenticity, validity, obvious flaws, and credibility of the advertising content according to the entrustment of the parties concerned, and then evaluate the actual performance of the advertising content Make faithful records. the

1. What problems does ICE8000 advertising credit evaluation and supervision service solve?

Answer: ICE8000 advertising credit service has noticed the following problems and designed a reliable solution:

1. False advertisements can be seen everywhere, and advertisement fraud occurs from time to time;

2. Honest advertisers cannot effectively distinguish their own advertisements from dishonest advertisements;

3. For the advertising audience, it is impossible to distinguish and identify the credibility of the advertisement. If you are not careful, you will fall into the hidden trap of false advertising.

Second, ICE8000 Advertisement Credit Evaluation and Supervision Service Ideas and Principles for Solving Problems?

Answer: ICE8000 Advertising Credit Service’s idea and principle of solving the problem of contract dishonesty can be summarized as "four guarantees and one increase", which are briefly described as follows:

1. The first guarantee is to ensure that the identity of the advertiser is true through investigation or review by credit practitioners. Some scammers use fake IDs to publish false advertisements, and some even use fake IDs to register companies and publish false advertisements to the outside world.

2. The second guarantee is: after being reviewed by credit practitioners, the content of the advertisement is legal.

3. The third guarantee is: through the review of credit practitioners, the advertisement has no obvious flaws, including whether it is obvious exaggeration, unrealizable content or content that violates social morality and social ethics. For example, the advertisement promises that hepatitis B can be completely cured through three courses of treatment. This advertisement has obvious flaws, because the current level of medical technology cannot completely cure hepatitis B.

4. The fourth guarantee is: through the inspection or investigation organized by ICE8000 credit agency, whether the advertisement content can be verified or falsified. If the content of the advertisement can be verified, it is of course good; if it cannot be verified, see if it can be falsified. Only verifiable or unfalsifiable advertising content can pass the credit evaluation.

5. One increase is: increase the advertiser’s breach of trust and breach of contract costs. If the advertiser breaks promise and breach of contract, the interested party of the advertisement can pursue its responsibility according to the ICE8000 standard. Since advertisers will be severely punished for their dishonesty, the cost of dishonesty will increase, the benefits of dishonesty will decrease accordingly, and the subjective impulse of advertisers to break faith will decrease. After the advertiser breaches the contract, unless he corrects the breach of trust or obtains the understanding of the other party, the credit penalty of ICE8000 will make it difficult to continue to develop.

But what needs to be reminded is: if you are an honest advertiser, this credit service can improve the credibility of your advertisement, so that the same advertising fee can produce different advertising effects, but, just like other ICE8000 credit services, ICE8000 Advertising credit evaluation and supervision is also a double-edged sword. If you are sincere, you will benefit from your integrity. If you are not, you will soon be severely punished for breaking your trust.

Third, noun agreement, what units and individuals does the above-mentioned advertiser refer to? Refers to the units and individuals who produce and release advertisements by themselves or entrust others, such as: Mengniu Company's advertisement for Mengniu Milk on TV, the advertiser is Mengniu Company.

The above content is excerpted from: "Building an Integrity Unit——Risk Control and Integrity Management" (by Fang Bangjian)

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