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Introduction to the Integrity Management Degree

The degree of integrity management is divided into three degrees: bachelor of integrity management [BCA], master of integrity management [MCA], and doctor of integrity management [DCA]. It is a kind of degree established and managed by the World Credit Organization (WCO) Academic designation, which certifies the educational and academic level of a person's ICE8000 Body of Knowledge.

At the beginning, in 2005, the World Credit Organization (WCO) once founded the American International Credit University, and at the same time created the integrity management degree, and issued corresponding standards. However, due to limited funds and energy, the World Credit Organization (WCO) reluctantly gave up this attempt in 2009. In 2015, the World Credit Organization (WCO) still believed that this work was valuable and necessary, so it changed its thinking. The new idea is: the World Credit Organization (WCO) no longer creates universities by itself, but only formulates management standards for credit management degrees and credit management teachers. All kinds of universities and scientific research institutes with foresight are responsible for implementing these standards for the society. Send credit professionals.