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Statement and Introduction of ICE8000 Integrity Contribution to Media and Journalists Assessment

They have practiced the values of integrity with their actions. They are the backbone of promoting social progress and ensuring human well-being! We all benefit directly or indirectly from it!

Chapter 1 Limitation statement (before reading)

1. The credit information based on the evaluation is the credit information of the ICE8000 public credit information database. Although we have been trying our best to collect the credit information released by the media, the ICE8000 public credit information database can only be part of the credit information released by the media. However, what can be guaranteed is: we are fair to every media, we will not favor any media, nor will we deliberately block any media.

2. Because TV works are not easy to collect, save and retrieve, TV works that have not been transformed into written works have not been found and included in the ICE8000 credit information database, which makes it difficult for some TV stations to obtain honorary titles. Here, we also recommend that the TV station make the text version of the credit information public, so as to facilitate the preservation and retrieval of credit information.

3. Discovering and identifying honest and contributing media and journalists is a very heavy workload, and it also requires great care. We are not capable of finding all media and journalists who meet the standards. The media and journalists who meet the evaluation criteria but have not received honorary titles, please give me your understanding.

4. Although we have worked very hard, there must be deficiencies in our evaluation standards and our work. We need to continue to improve in our work, and we also hope that people from all walks of life can provide criticism.

5. In view of our evaluation standards, some improvements may be made every year, so the evaluation standards of each year are not completely consistent, which may cause confusion to readers when reading each annual report. Please pay attention and understand.

6. The counting of credit information is done by a computer program. Since the computer program cannot identify the substantial duplication of the information content, the duplication counting occurs when the cited information appears. For example: There is a sentence in Media A. According to Media B’s report, a certain company was investigated by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau for selling expired food. When the computer counts the number of information, it will regard the information as the information of A medium and the information of B medium.

Chapter 2 Introduction to the Assessment of China’s Integrity Contributed Media and Journalists

1. The basic situation of ICE8000 China's integrity contribution media and journalist evaluation

1. ICE8000 Integrity Contributing Media and Journalists (hereinafter referred to as Integrity Contributing Media and Journalists) is an honorary title evaluated according to the "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Integrity Contribution Media and Journalist Evaluation Criteria", which belongs to the honorary title publicly assessed by social organizations and is used for affirmation And commend the media and journalists who have made great contributions to promoting social integrity. The evaluation of honestly contributing media and journalists is a public welfare credit evaluation activity, and no fees are charged to units and individuals. No unit or individual may contribute to the assessment of the media and journalists in good faith, and seek benefits from the relevant unit or individual.

2. "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Evaluation Criteria for Integrity Contribution Media and Journalists" is a public welfare credit evaluation standard in the ICE8000 international credit standard system. The ICE8000 international credit standard system is a series of standards for credit evaluation, credit supervision, credit information dissemination, credit professional qualification certification, integrity management, and dispute resolution promulgated by the World Credit Organization [WCO], which belong to organizations and individuals. Standards of conduct are international universal standards formulated by the Chinese and are gradually being recognized by many countries and regions. ICE8000 is the title of the international credit standard system, in which ICE is the abbreviation of the English INTERNATIONAL CREDIBLE ENTERPRISES, the Chinese meaning is an international standard of honest and reliable organizations with pioneering and enterprising spirit, and 8000 is the standard number.

3. The ICE8000 China Integrity Contribution Media and Journalist Evaluation Work started in 2004, the first evaluation report was published on January 11, 2005, and the evaluation will be conducted annually thereafter.

4. Since the release of the first assessment report in 2005, ICE8000 China Integrity has contributed to the assessment of media and journalists, which has attracted more and more attention. Its impartiality and objectivity have also been recognized by more and more units and individuals, and it is gradually becoming one of the symbols to reflect and measure the social responsibility, credibility and influence of media and journalists.

2. Characteristics of ICE8000 Integrity Contribution to Media and Journalist Evaluation

1. The review committee is independent. Units that have won the honorary title of Integrity Contributing Units will naturally become members of the Integrity Contributing Unit Review Committee. All the review committee members form the review committee of integrity contribution units, which is responsible for the final review of the evaluation and cancellation. When the number of members is less than three or all of them abstain from voting, the senior managers of the Executive Council of the World Credit Organization [WCO] shall act as members.

2. It follows the three public principles of "openness, fairness and justice", and guarantees fairness and justice with publicity. Its openness is manifested in: the assessment standards and procedures are open; the credit information on which the assessment is based is open.

3. It is public welfare, and it does not charge the evaluated object, thereby ensuring its neutrality, fairness and objectivity.

4. It neither informs nor requires the participants to participate.

3. Significance of ICE8000's Integrity Contribution to Media and Journalist Assessment

The media and journalists have always been one of the important driving forces for integrity in China. Recognition and affirmation of the media and journalists who have made great contributions to the promotion of integrity can reflect the media's sense of responsibility and credibility to readers and increase the influence of the media.

Chapter Three Evaluation Standards, Procedures, Methods

1. The evaluation criteria for honorary titles are:

(1) Published high-quality credit information, reduced the risk of people being violated by untrustworthy behaviors, and promoted social integrity and social progress;

Or: (2) Pay or have already paid a relatively high price in order to insist on promoting social integrity.

The term "credit information" in this standard refers to works that meet one of the following conditions:

(1) Works that expose untrustworthy behavior or untrustworthy shady scenes;

(2) Works that disseminate credit knowledge or integrity culture;

(3) Other works that can promote social integrity.

2. Quota Limit

There are no more than 10 honesty-contributing media and no more than 10 honesty-contributing journalists each year.

3. The evaluation procedure is:

(1) Recommended. The recommender submits relevant certification materials, and the recommender should declare the terms of the oath of conscience in the recommendation materials, and disclose his name and relationship with the recommendee. Self-recommendations are not allowed.

(2) First trial. The World Credit Organization [WCO] conducts a formal review of the recommended materials, and if necessary, the World Credit Organization [WCO] appoints a special person to investigate and verify. If the recommender is a review member with the same honorary title, the recommendee will go to the next step directly without the preliminary review.

(3) Enter the public objection period. The public objection period is not less than 90 days. The public can express their opinions or raise objections during the publicity period. The World Credit Organization [WCO] will investigate and verify the objections.

(4) Final judgment. The World Credit Organization [WCO] will send the relevant information to the review committee for the same honorary title, and the review committee will conduct the final review. The final decision shall be voted by secret ballot. If the number of negative votes is greater than or equal to the number of positive votes, it is deemed to be rejected, otherwise, it is deemed to have passed the final review. Those who did not vote are deemed to have abstained, and abstention has no effect on the result.

(5) Announcement of the results. The World Credit Organization [WCO] will issue a final review report and issue an honorary certificate based on the final review.

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