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ICE8000 Product (Service) Quality Credit Evaluation

Use transparent social heteronomy to realize organizational self-discipline and healthy development! Help the honest people who persist silently! Use credit means to enhance the well-being of the people!

ICE8000 product (service) quality credit evaluation is a public welfare activity carried out by the World Credit Organization (WCO) or credit institutions of various countries in accordance with the relevant standards of the ICE8000 international credit standard system and the laws of the country where it is located. Evaluate and rank product quality through irregular spot checks to promote enterprises to consciously improve product quality. It is a social quality supervision work implemented by non-governmental organizations, and it is a useful supplement to the quality supervision work of government departments. In 2005, China's ICE8000 credit agency conducted random inspections of soy sauce in Beijing supermarkets.

Product (service) quality credit evaluation is carried out according to the following procedures and methods:

(1) Select the product and brand. The selected products should be closely related to public health and life.

(2) Choose a notary institution to notarize the key process, or choose two or more impartial social people to witness. Under the premise of confidentiality, you can also choose media with high credibility to follow up and report.

(3) Purchase products, purchase products according to selected products and brands.

(4) Detection or experience.

The World Credit Organization (WCO) selects one or several product testing institutions recognized by the host country or socially recognized or internationally recognized to test product quality. For simple tests, advanced and reliable equipment or methods in the industry can also be used for testing. . For service products, the World Credit Organization (WCO) may select persons with experience capabilities to conduct inspections.

(5) Write a product (service) quality credit evaluation report based on product testing or/and experience. The credit evaluation report should have detailed data, and use the data to clearly reflect the differences in product quality, actual data and standards to the society. The discrepancy in claim (commitment) data and an integrity ranking is determined based on that discrepancy.

(6) Public objection. The World Credit Organization (WCO) publishes the credit evaluation report to the outside world, and the publicity period is generally not less than 90 days. During the publicity period, the public can raise objections to the credit evaluation report.

(7) Investigation and verification. The World Credit Organization (WCO) investigates and verifies the objections received, adjusts the ranking according to the verification results, and writes the verification results into the evaluation report.

(8) Publish a formal credit evaluation report, record qualified and unqualified products in the blacklist and honor list respectively, and issue honorary certificates to the production and sales units of qualified products ranked 101 to 103.

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