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Introduction to Integrity Star Rating

Integrity rating is an innovative credit service of the World Credit Organization [WCO]. The applicable standard is: "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Integrity Level Evaluation and Supervision Standard" ( .htm), Integrity Rating is a free service provided to [established trust organizations].

1. Terminology explanation

Integrity willingness star rating refers to the degree of honesty and subjective willingness of units, individuals, and regions, and does not directly reflect repayment ability and debt repayment ability. The World Credit Organization [WCO] uses a computer to automatically rate the rating object's honesty willingness star rating based on whether the rated object is willing to "bear punitive compensation for his malicious dishonesty" and his integrity score. The higher the credit rating of the rated object, the higher the cost of malicious dishonesty.

2. Features of ICE8000 Integrity Rating and Supervision

1. Integrity and willingness star rating does not evaluate the unit's objective performance ability, it only focuses on the unit's willingness to perform the contract, and passively and faithfully records the results of the unit's performance.

2. Integrity willingness star rating, which mainly focuses on the credit performance of the unit after rating, and reflects it to the society passively, faithfully and dynamically.

3. The creditworthiness of the rated object is evaluated and supervised by its customers and other stakeholders.

4. Integrity will star rating is automatically assessed by the computer system based on the credit file records to ensure the objectivity and institutionality of the honesty will star rating and reduce subjectivity and artificiality.

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