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Introduction to Credit Investigation

The credit investigation business is the most traditional business in the credit evaluation industry. It provides relevant credit information for the entrusting party and can directly prevent credit risks in the transaction. In order to standardize the credit investigation business of ICE8000 credit institutions and international credit professionals, and provide high-quality credit investigation services to the society, the World Credit Organization [WCO] formulated the "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Credit Investigation Standard", which is an industry standard. It clearly stipulates the methods, methods and professional ethics of credit investigation. This standard is applicable to ICE8000 credit institutions (ICE8000 international credit institutions), and non-ICE8000 credit institutions can refer to it for implementation.

1. Credit investigation refers to the sum of the work of collecting, classifying and analyzing the credit information of relevant organizations and individuals according to the entrusted items and purposes after the credit institution accepts the entrustment.

Credit investigation follows the principles of objectivity, fairness, legality, and prudence

2. It is strictly forbidden to use low prices to solicit business, and then provide inferior services, so as to damage the confidence and demand of the society in the credit evaluation industry. Otherwise, according to the circumstances, ICE8000 credit institutions, legal representatives, and direct The person in charge is subject to a public warning, a one-year ban, or a permanent ban.

Third, the general procedure of credit investigation:

The first step: clarify the investigation project, investigation purpose, investigation method, and sign the entrustment contract. Before signing the contract:

1. The legality and feasibility of the investigation project shall be reviewed, and any commission that is illegal or infeasible, or the commission that the service fee cannot meet the purpose of the investigation, shall not be accepted;

2. According to the client's investigation purpose, professional advice should be provided to the client on the investigation items and methods to help the client achieve its purpose;

3. The client and the entrusting party should reach a consensus on the purpose of the investigation, investigation items, investigation method, fee amount, and fee method.

Step 2: According to the survey items, survey purposes, and survey methods determined in the contract, formulate a survey plan, and implement the plan after approval by the person in charge of the credit institution or its authorized staff.

The third step: write the investigation report, in the investigation report:

1. For confidential information and contingent information, the entrusting party shall be clearly informed of the use scope and precautions of such information;

2. According to the degree of cooperation of the investigated party in the notice investigation and the integrity of the information provided, give an objective evaluation of the investigated party's subjective integrity;

3. Be cautious and objective when evaluating contract performance capabilities;

4. Unless the source of the information requires confidentiality, the entrusting party shall be notified of the source of the information.

Fourth, the way of credit investigation:

1. Notification investigation refers to the investigation method of notifying the subject of investigation, requesting them to provide relevant information and declare credit records, and then conduct sampling verification and analysis of the information and records;

2. Secret investigation refers to the investigation method in which the investigated object is not known;

3. On-the-spot investigation refers to the investigation method in which investigators go to the place where the object of investigation is located;

4. Interviewing relevant persons refers to the investigation method in which investigators conduct interviews with relevant persons in order to verify facts and doubts.

V. In order to improve the investigation efficiency and quality, ICE8000 credit institutions can entrust the entrusted investigation business to other credit institutions, or cooperate with other credit institutions to complete the investigation business.

When ICE8000 credit institutions entrust other ICE8000 credit institutions to conduct investigations, or cooperate with other ICE8000 credit institutions in investigations, and violations occur, the ICE8000 credit institutions responsible for actually implementing the investigation business shall bear industry self-discipline responsibilities.

When an ICE8000 credit institution entrusts a non-ICE8000 credit institution, or cooperates with other non-ICE8000 credit institutions for investigations, and violations occur, the ICE8000 credit institution shall bear industry self-discipline responsibilities.

Six. Industry self-discipline responsibilities refer to ICE8000 credit institutions' violations of ICE8000 international credit standard system standards, which should be borne and the responsibilities stipulated in the system.

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