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Introduction to ICE8000 International Integrity Entrepreneur Assessment

ICE8000 International Integrity Entrepreneur (hereinafter referred to as International Integrity Entrepreneur) is an honorary title evaluated according to the "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System International Integrity Entrepreneur Evaluation Standard". entrepreneur. The evaluation of international honest entrepreneurs is a public welfare credit evaluation activity, and no fees are charged to units and individuals. No unit or individual is allowed to seek benefits from relevant units or individuals based on the assessment of the International Honesty Entrepreneur.

2. The characteristics of the evaluation work of international integrity entrepreneurs

1. The International Integrity Entrepreneur Evaluation Committee is an independent organization. Personnel who have won the honorary title of International Integrity Entrepreneur will naturally become lifelong members of the International Integrity Entrepreneur Evaluation Committee. All the review committee members form the International Integrity Entrepreneur Review Committee, which is responsible for the final review of the evaluation and cancellation. When the number of members is less than three or all of them abstain from voting, the senior managers of the Executive Council of the World Credit Organization (WCO) shall act as members.

2. It always follows the three public principles of "openness, fairness and justice", and guarantees fairness and justice with publicity. Its openness is manifested in: the assessment standards and procedures are open; the credit information on which the assessment is based is open; the assessment procedure includes a public objection period.

3. It is public welfare, and it does not charge the evaluated object, thereby ensuring its neutrality, fairness and objectivity.

4. It neither informs nor requires the participants to participate.

5. There is a long public objection period. The public objection period for international integrity entrepreneurs is 60 months, that is, 5 years. Through the 5-year public objection period, the authenticity of the recommended materials can be verified, and it can also be verified whether the entrepreneur being evaluated has firmly adhered to the principle of integrity.

6. International honest entrepreneur is a lifelong honor and a lifelong supervision. Once an entrepreneur enters the publicity procedure for the evaluation of international honest entrepreneurs, he will begin to be subject to credit supervision. If the entrepreneur and the company he leads commit dishonesty and does not repair it during the 5-year publicity period, he will not be awarded the honorary title of International Integrity Entrepreneur. More importantly, if the entrepreneur has dishonest behavior and does not repair it after receiving the honorary title, or the enterprise led by the entrepreneur has dishonest behavior and does not repair it, the honorary title will be canceled by the announcement. It is precisely because of this that some entrepreneurs who are not really honest may not be happy to win the honorary title of International Honest Entrepreneur.

3. Significance of International Credit Entrepreneur Evaluation

Entrepreneurs are the organizational leaders of human economic activities. Without the organizational leadership of entrepreneurs, the efficiency of human economic activities will be low or even inefficient. Human beings have achieved modernization results precisely because after power is locked in a cage, entrepreneurs are no longer disturbed by power and can concentrate on organizing and leading economic activities. Although scientists can discover new theories, create new products, and invent new technologies, without entrepreneurs, the conditions for scientific research are difficult to meet the conditions for fruitful results, and the results of scientific research are also difficult to implement and promote.

The essence of the principle of good faith is [good faith], that is: subjectively do not engage in things that harm others and benefit oneself; when the legitimate rights and interests of others are damaged due to accidents, actively correct and obtain the understanding of the victim. The principle of good faith is the basis for the balanced development of rights and interests among people. Entrepreneurs who abide by the principle of good faith bring more benefits to others while gaining their own benefits. Entrepreneurs who trample on the principle of good faith, the more successful they are, the more they will damage the legitimate rights and interests of others. For example: A company that produces poisonous food, the more money it makes, the more damage it does to others.

Therefore, the integrity of entrepreneurs is closely related to human well-being. Through the international integrity entrepreneur evaluation activities, record and witness the integrity of entrepreneurs, and promote entrepreneurs to understand the principle of integrity, pursue and abide by the principle of integrity.

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