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Inspiration for ICE8000 Integrity Volunteer Recruitment

In order to promote social integrity, reduce transaction costs, and jointly improve the living and development environment of mankind with people from all walks of life who are interested in public welfare, we have been recruiting honest volunteers from the whole society for a long time.

1. The responsibilities of integrity volunteers mainly include:

1. Collect all kinds of untrustworthy information and record it in the ICE8000 credit information database for public inquiry;

2. Participate in various public welfare credit evaluation work organized by the World Credit Organization (WCO) (such as: integrity ranking; integrity experts, integrity entrepreneurs, integrity contribution media and journalists, integrity contribution organizations and individuals, etc.

2. Application conditions for honest volunteers. Anyone with the following conditions can apply to be an honest volunteer:

1. Volunteer to contribute to the cause of integrity;

2. A member of the World Credit Organization (WCO), with an integrity level of A or above;

3. In good health, with certain working ability and knowledge;

4. The age is generally over 18 years old. If it is under 18 years old, it should be approved by the guardian, and the guardian is a member of the World Credit Organization (WCO), and the integrity level is above grade A;

5. No bad credit record.

3. The application procedures and methods of integrity volunteers.

The first step, the applicant checks whether he meets the application requirements;

Second step, those who meet the application requirements of honest volunteers can submit a written application. The application should include a brief introduction and personal signature, and indicate the job responsibilities they want to undertake (please refer to This column "Work Arrangement" page);

The third step, after review, the association considers that it meets the requirements, and issues a notice of approval to participate in integrity volunteer activities, and at the same time assigns work tasks in accordance with the provisions of Article 8. Volunteers will be issued certificates; those who do not meet the requirements will be issued a notice of disapproval and explain the reasons for disapproval.