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Introduction to ICE8000 International Integrity Expert Evaluation

They have practiced the values of integrity with professional knowledge, conscience, and actions. They are the backbone of promoting social progress and ensuring human well-being! We all benefit directly or indirectly from it! Let us keep it in mind!

ICE8000 International Integrity Expert (hereinafter referred to as International Integrity Expert) is an honorary title evaluated according to the "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System International Integrity Expert Evaluation Standard", which belongs to the social honorary title publicly evaluated by social organizations. Experts, academics whose expertise promotes integrity in society. The evaluation by international integrity experts is a public welfare credit evaluation activity, and no fees are charged to units and individuals. No unit or individual may seek benefits from relevant units or individuals based on the evaluation of international integrity experts.

1. The characteristics of the evaluation work of international integrity experts

1. The International Integrity Expert Review Committee is an independent organization. Those who have won the honorary title of International Integrity Expert will naturally become lifelong members of the International Integrity Expert Review Committee. All review members form the International Integrity Expert Review Committee, which is responsible for the final review of evaluation and cancellation. When the number of members is less than three or all of them abstain from voting, the senior managers of the Executive Council of the World Credit Organization (WCO) shall act as members.

2. It always follows the three public principles of "openness, fairness and justice", and guarantees fairness and justice with publicity. Its openness is manifested in: the assessment standards and procedures are open; the credit information on which the assessment is based is open; the assessment procedure includes a public objection period.

3. It is public welfare, and it does not charge the evaluated object, thereby ensuring its neutrality, fairness and objectivity.

4. It neither informs nor requires the participants to participate.

5. There is a long public objection period. The public objection period for international integrity experts is 60 months, that is, 5 years. Through the 5-year public objection period, the authenticity of the recommended materials can be verified, and it can also be verified whether the experts being evaluated have firmly adhered to academic integrity. 6. The International Integrity Expert is a lifelong honor and a lifelong supervision of academic integrity. Once an expert enters the publicity procedure of international integrity expert assessment, his academic integrity will begin to be subject to credit supervision. If the evaluated experts commit academic dishonesty during the 5-year publicity period, they will not be awarded the honorary title of International Integrity Entrepreneur. More importantly, if an expert has academic dishonesty and refuses to fix it after receiving the honorary title, the honorary title will be canceled by the announcement. It may also be because of this that some experts are not necessarily happy to be awarded the honorary title of International Integrity Expert.

2. Significance of International Credit Expert Evaluation

With the refinement of the social division of labor and the deepening of the professional level of various industries, all kinds of information and knowledge are vast and mixed. People's decision-making and actions increasingly need to refer to the opinions and guidance of experts, so experts have a high social influence. At the same time, experts are tempted and troubled by various interests, and it is increasingly difficult to abide by academic integrity. Lying experts and fake experts directly or indirectly infringe upon people's legitimate rights and interests. Through the evaluation of international integrity experts, affirm those experts and scholars who promote social integrity with their professional knowledge in a certain professional field, promote academic integrity, thereby promoting social integrity, reducing transaction costs, and improving human well-being.

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