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ICE8000 Transparency Evaluation Column
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Introduction to ICE8000 Transparency Evaluation

In November 2008, it was noted that organizational transparency has an important impact on the integrity of the organization and has an important impact on various stakeholders. In order to promote the transparency of various organizations, promote social integrity, reduce transaction costs, and enhance human well-being, According to internationally accepted legal principles and international practices, the World Credit Organization [WCO] formulated the "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Transparency Evaluation Standard".

The transparency index refers to the score that reflects the transparency of the organization, and it is the ratio of transparent information to the total information. The highest score of the transparency index is 100, which indicates 100% transparency.

The World Credit Organization [WCO] evaluates its transparency index based on the information data that the organization actively or passively files or discloses (including secret disclosure or public disclosure) to the ICE8000 credit information database, and evaluates the transparency index of the region based on public information and survey results. .

Generally speaking, the transparency index has an inverse relationship with the difficulty of risk control. The lower the transparency of an organization or region, the more difficult it is for stakeholders to control the risk of the organization or region.

Transparency index of 60 points is a passing score, less than 60 points means low transparency and difficult risk control; 60 to 75 points means moderate transparency and moderate risk control difficulty; above 75 points means high transparency and difficult risk control Low.

Article 5 For various organizations, the World Credit Organization [WCO] will create a computer software system that complies with this standard, and the system will automatically evaluate the transparency index for various organizations, so as to ensure the objectivity and institutionality of transparency evaluation, and reduce subjectivity and artificiality.

For various regions, the World Credit Organization [WCO] actively creates conditions to collect relevant information or conduct transparency index assessment after conducting investigations.

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