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Introduction to Credit Supervision

Credit supervision refers to the use of credit threats or credit punishments to urge those responsible for untrustworthy behaviors to correct their behavior. Credit supervision is an innovative credit service of ICE8000 system. Applicable standard: "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Credit Supervision Standard" ( The credit supervision procedure itself is also a credit dispute resolution procedure. After the supervision procedure is started, if the person being supervised raises an objection, the international credit practitioners will mediate and handle the disputes independently, neutrally and impartially in accordance with the law, ICE8000 standards, and trading habits. disputes.

Issues addressed by credit supervision include but are not limited to:

1. Employees commit dishonesty and breach of contract;

2. The quality of the products provided by the supplier is not up to standard;

3. State organs or public officials infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises or citizens;

4. Other problems caused by dishonesty, breach of contract, tort, illegal behavior, etc.

Since all misconduct will generate credit records, the problems solved by credit supervision are also infinitely wide.

Credit supervision can be understood as credit rights protection service, which is to use credit tools to help people protect their legitimate rights and interests. Especially in the face of infringements caused by the abuse of power by government officials, it is difficult for enterprises to protect their legitimate rights and interests from infringement without external support.

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