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Introduction to Joint Exposure (Credit Wanted Warrant)

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1. ICE8000 Joint Exposure (Credit Notification Order)

Joint Exposure (Credit Notice Order) is a joint exposure of serious untrustworthy acts and their perpetrators by the World Credit Organization [WCO] in conjunction with other media in accordance with the "ICE8000 International Credit Standard System Joint Exposure (Credit Wanted Order) Standard" and laws. Exposure credit penalty means. Joint exposure will publish the photo and ID number of the exposed person at the same time. It is a credit punishment implemented by the World Credit Organization [WCO] for dishonest persons with serious nature and great social harm. It is currently the strongest credit punishment method, also known as It is a credit circular order. The legal responsibility for joint exposure is assumed by the World Credit Organization [WCO].

To understand ICE8000 joint exposure, you should pay attention to the following three points:

1. It is issued by the World Credit Organization [WCO], and the World Credit Organization [WCO] also assumes corresponding legal responsibilities.

2. Its implementation follows the principle of prudence. The World Credit Organization [WCO] generally does not issue credit notices unless the dishonesty is particularly serious and unless the evidence is particularly convincing.

3. It is a substantive review. After the trial by the International Ethics Court in accordance with the "ICE8000 International Credit Standards System International Credit Dispute Trial Standards", the ruling will be issued.

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