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Introduction to the Certification and Protection of Celebrities

Credit protection of intellectual property rights can enable intelligent creators to obtain the peace and happiness they deserve, and they will create more wonderful things for mankind!

2.1.1. What are the criteria for evaluating a celebrity?

Answer: The evaluation criteria for celebrities are:

(1) It has high popularity and has been reported by the media more than 10,000 times (except for negative reports);

(2) The applicant is a celebrity himself or his immediate family member;

(3) The names of famous persons do not overlap with other intellectual property rights that have been assessed or filed by the association.

]2.1.2. What kind of protection do you get after being rated as a celebrity?

Answer: After the celebrities are rated, their names and portraits are protected by the ICE8000 credit system.

2.1.3 How much is the evaluation fee for celebrities? Is it a one-time fee or an annual renewal?

Answer: a) RMB 100,000.

b) One-time charge, no charge in the future.

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