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Introduction to Creative Registration and Protection

Credit protection of intellectual property rights can enable intelligent creators to obtain the peace and happiness they deserve, and they will create more wonderful things for mankind!

2.1.1. What is creativity? Does the ICE8000 idea registration conduct a substantive review of the rationality, practicability, and effectiveness of the idea itself?

Answer: Creativity refers to a new method or new way of thinking to solve a problem.

Once an idea is announced, it has the right of title, the right of priority use and the right of commercial development. Regardless of whether it is recognized by the laws of the host country or other countries, the World Credit Organization (WCO) shall protect the ideas registered according to this standard with the method of credit system.

The idea registration only conducts a formal examination of the idea, and does not examine or prove the rationality, practicability, and effectiveness of the source of the idea and its content.

The creative registration certificate only proves the fact that the creative was generated and the time of registration, and cannot fully prove the authenticity of the creative source of the certificate holder, nor can it prove the rationality, practicability, and effectiveness of the creative content.

2.1.2. How much is the creative registration fee? Is it a one-time fee or an annual fee?

Answer: a) The price is 2000 yuan. b) One-time charge, no charge in the future. The current preferential price is 599 yuan.

2.1.3. How long does it take from application to obtaining the certificate?

Answer: Our total working time is 10 working days, plus a 30-day publicity period. If the application materials are complete and meet the requirements, generally it will not exceed 40 working days from application to obtaining the registration certificate.

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