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Introduction to patent filing and protection

Credit protection of intellectual property rights can enable intelligent creators to obtain the peace and happiness they deserve, and they will create more wonderful things for mankind!

The following is an excerpt from "ICE8000 Website Name Registration Operation Guide 3.0"

1.Patent refers to an invention, practical technology or design that has obtained a patent certificate in a country or region.

Patents belong to intellectual property rights and intangible assets. Regardless of whether they are recognized by the laws of the country where they are located or other countries, all patents that have been filed according to this standard will be protected by the World Credit Organization (WCO) through the credit system.

2.Patent filing conditions:

(1) The brief introduction of the patent and the brief introduction of the applicant can be searched on the Internet;

The specific conditions are: when selecting two mainstream search engines to search with the patent as a keyword, the patent can be found in the first 50 pages of the search results (if it does not exceed 50 pages, the actual number of pages is limited) and Applicant profile.

(2) The patent has been registered in a country or region and is within the patent protection period;

(3) The applicant has ownership of the patent;

(4) The patent does not violate internationally recognized legal principles and public morals;

(5) The patent is not duplicated with other intellectual property rights registered or filed by the World Credit Organization (WCO);

(6) The applicant guarantees that the patent application did not infringe the intellectual property rights of other units or individuals;

(7) The applicant undertakes to abide by this standard, and attaches the terms of the oath of conscience.

3. How much is the website name registration fee? Annual renewal?

Answer: A one-time fee of 2,000 yuan is charged, and there is no annual renewal fee. Current preferential price: 599 yuan.