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Introduction to Registration and Protection of Private Names

Credit protection of intellectual property rights can enable intelligent creators to obtain the peace and happiness they deserve, and they will create more wonderful things for mankind!

1. What is a private name registration?

Answer: A special name refers to a name with a specific meaning and dedicated to a specific thing, such as: International Certified Credit Accountant [ICCA].

First creation refers to the first establishment, first creation or first use relative to other organizations.

A proper name refers to a proper name created, created or used by an organization for the first time before other organizations.

Second, how much is the registration fee for a special name? Is there an annual renewal fee?

Answer: A one-time fee of 2,000 yuan will not be renewed annually. Current preferential price: 599 yuan.

Third, what is the authority of your organization's special name?

Answer: a) lies in the scientific nature of the registration criteria.

People who understand Internet technology can understand that every special name, as long as he uses it, someone will publish it on the Internet, and it will be searched by the network robot spiders of search engines. If no special name with the same name can be found in the first 50 pages of the two major search engines, Baidu and GOOGLE, it can be proved that the special name was created first.

b) It lies in an open, fair and just registration procedure, as well as a scientific and severe error correction and punishment mechanism

The registration procedure is open and requires three review and objection procedures for practitioners to pass the registration, and there are strict industry self-discipline and peer supervision measures to ensure that the registrants do not cheat.

c) lies in the protection of the credit system

The ICE8000 international credit standard system is increasingly becoming an internationally recognized credit standard because of its science and justice. As the producer of the credit standard, the World Credit Organization (WCO) uses credit punishment to protect intellectual property rights, which is a legal protection measure. An effective complement to the legal system, it can help IP owners deter and punish infringers at low cost and effectively.

4. Will my private name certificate add value?

A: Of course it is value-added. In addition to the intangible assets accumulated by special names due to their good activities, many special names themselves have good meanings, and some units or individuals will purchase the special names at a high price because of their intangible assets or/and good meanings.

5.How long does it take from application to obtaining the certificate?

Answer: Our total working time is 10 working days, plus a 30-day publicity period. If the application materials are complete and meet the requirements, generally it will not exceed 40 working days from application to obtaining the registration certificate.

6. How long is my private name certificate valid for?

Answer: Once the private name certificate is issued, it will be valid for a long time. However, after the special name certificate is issued, if one of the following situations occurs, the World Credit Organization (WCO) will announce the revocation of the special name certificate:

(1) There is evidence to prove that the special name registration does not meet the registration conditions or registration procedures;

(2) There is evidence to prove that the owner of the private name certificate has renounced the use of the private name;

(3) The owner of the certificate is dead or cancelled, and there is no successor.

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